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Hey, is that Freya...?

WHERE?! *fangirls*

3/29/06 11:41 am - 7maxwell - [ahem...attention please]

Hi, my name is Seven Maxwell, that's with two 'l's and no there's no connection to Duo Maxwell, thou he is my lover ^_~

I just want to say that I love Freya because she's the coolest person in the world and has always been there for me when I needed her. ^_^ *huggles Freya* She's my favorite roleplayer and the cutest Ryuichi I've ever seen. ^_^

She's my first online friend and one of my closest confidents. She's also the reason that I can't wait to continue the Gravi/Weib crossover story we've started, because that is our signature crack otp pairing. ^_^ *YOHJI!*

That's all.

*huggles Freya again*


p.s. She's also the other half of my brain. ^_^

1/3/06 10:32 pm - lomelinde_sama - Okay, so I'm going first ....

Hi ! I know a few of you, and don't know more of you than I know. I think. I'm here because I love Freya. for many different reasons.

I love her because she was one of the person who got me into the Gravi fandom by portraying such a wonderful Tatsuha for my Ryuuichi.

I love her because since she did this, she also challenged me to write Gravi fics (both directly and indirectly ... Damn it, that WK/Gravi crossover that doesn't want to be written sia ll your fault, Freya ! Yours and Seven's !).

I love her because she's a lot of fun to Rp with and to talk with about crazy stuff.

I don't think I'll ever find words to say how much I love her. See? I'm getting sappy.

12/31/05 10:23 pm - lockjaw - First post~

Hello fellow carbon units (as Freya would say *___* )~ And welcome to ilovefreya! What is this for, you ask? Well, we all love stimulant so much, that we decided to dedicate a community for her *__* ♥

Why? Because Saucy and me and dorks u.u ♥
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